Smart Presenter

Ricoh Smart Presenter

Ricoh Smart Presenter eliminates the need for paperwork in meetings, presentations and seminars. It enables documents and presentations to be displayed on Apple® iPad® and other tablets and devices, with participants’ devices synchronised with that of the organiser, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Notes made by the presenter can be displayed in real time on each device, making meetings feel more spontaneous, encouraging user participation and helping create a bigger impact.
Going paperless reduces the cost, environmental impact and workload involved with preparing for meetings, and improves information security. Paper and consumables expenses can be reduced, as well as wear and tear to document output devices. Productivity can be enhanced by quickly incorporating last-minute changes to presentations, avoiding the need to re-print and re-assemble stacks of paperwork.
Ricoh Smart Presenter helps ensure the security and integrity of confidential information by avoiding physical duplication of documents. In situations such as board discussions, where sensitive information is often discussed, presenters maintain full control over the information that is displayed, and data can be cleared from all devices when the meeting is over.

Eliminate paper and consumables costs

Enhance productivity by reducing the workload involved in preparing for meetings

Quickly and easily incorporate last-minute edits into presentations

Increase the impact of meetings and seminars by presenting information in a more engaging manner

Ensure the security of confidential documents by avoiding physical duplicates and deleting digital data once no longer needed

Ricoh Conference Center edition:

*Version 1.1 of Ricoh Conference Center software enables documents to be accessed on a wide range of devices via their web browser