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Genuine IPDS™

Ricoh’s Genuine IPDS™ solution streamlines your print workflow, effortlessly managing and combining a wide range of data types from multiple applications. Critical processes are improved, information is secured, compliance is ensured and your Total Cost of Ownership is significantly reduced. You enjoy smooth, efficient document handling that supports your enterprise with fully-featured printing, easy installation, low management and maintenance costs, easy device management and improved security.


Replacing single-function printers by Ricoh systems with IPDS™ increases the reliability of your fleet and reduces management and maintenance costs. Easy to install, just slide in the IPDS™ SD card and configure the settings using the operating panel or your web browser.

Genuine IPDS™ lets you access most capabilities of your Ricoh systems, make flexible use of different paper sizes and enjoy superior image quality, all without changing applications. And it supports most in-line finishing options – staple, punch and saddle-stitch.

Genuine IPDS™ is a self-contained solution requiring no external conversion devices. It also has many security features that allow you to print sensitive documents on internal printers. With genuine IPDS™ you support many data types including PCL, Adobe PostScript® and IPDS™ with one powerful controller and establish two-way communication with IBM host systems. These support all IPDS™ features, Ricoh printers and MFPs, they accept AFP/IPDS® jobs from System z® or System i® (AS/400®) platforms.

Greater Security

Ricoh’s genuine IPDS™ is a native IPDS™ controller. That means your Ricoh systems do not need external conversion devices. Self-contained solutions improve the security of your document flow. Moreover, using genuine IPDS™ enables you to print sensitive documents on internal printers with Ricoh’s many security features.

Flexible Solutions

Genuine IPDS™ supports a whole range of data types, including PCL, Adobe® PostScript® and IPDS™, with one powerful printer controller. You also establish two-way communication with IBM host systems, supporting all IPDS™ features. Ricoh printers and MFPs then accept AFP/IPDS™ jobs from System z® (S/390®) or System i® (AS/400®) platforms.