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DocuWare is a software aimed at small and medium-sized companies for integrated document management and audit compliant electronic archiving.  DocuWare automates business processes and workflows by electronically managing and sharing documents regardless of their format or source..

With DocuWare you can scan and store documents into a central document pool with one single step. Your digitised documents  can be indexed directly at the Ricoh multifunction device and stored in a  DocuWare filing cabinet. This makes the documents readily available, where and when needed to all authorised users; one search quickly locates related documents.

DocuWare is a Windows based Client Server application which can be accessed with a Desktop Windows Client or through a browser using the Web Client. The DocuWare document management system is also available as cloud based system with complete functionality to its on-premises model.

Index Automatically using Barcode & Forms 
Speed up and simplify the capturing and storage of documents with Barcode & Forms. With instant reading of barcodes and text, your documents can be automatically pre-sorted, indexed and stored. For example, you can scan and store invoices in one operational step: attach a barcode label to the first page of every invoice and scan all your documents in one batch together. Each new barcode identifies a new document. DocuWare reads out the barcode number as an invoice number and uses it for the whole indexing and storage process. This also allows the document to be uniquely identified – throughout the entire company – across departments and systems. Easy and accurate processing saves time and money.
With DocuWare Import, you can easily and efficiently import documents directly into your DocuWare system. The module works in the background monitoring selected folders in your file system or network to automatically move all incoming files into DocuWare, where they can be indexed as needed.
DocuWare Import was developed for companies that process large volumes of documents. 
Intelligent Indexing  
DocuWare Intelligent Indexing transforms document indexing into an efficient process, helping save time and eliminating the need for filing documents by hand. DocuWare’s Intelligent Indexing is a web-based service  that automatically captures the most important metadata from your scanned documents.The system quickly learns from feedback, so that recommended index words for known document types can be automatically and reliably assigned. 
Mobile apps and web clients connect remote, authorised users from home, from the field and while traveling. 
DocuWare file cabinets can be accessed directly from smartphones or tablet devices. You can load documents, view them on-screen and forward them in the workflow. A special stamp feature has been integrated for this.  

System Requirements

System Requirements for DocuWare Version 6.8

The following requirements exist for the DocuWare setup:

DocuWare Server and Clients run on the following operating systems:

* Due to an IIS restriction by Microsoft, client operating systems are only suitable for installing DocuWare servers if the DocuWare installations are extremely small, such as those with only one user.

For Web-based applications, the following browsers are supported:

(DocuWare configuration only with versions of Chrome that support Silverlight. Support will probably end in mid-2015.)


Special requirement for DocuWare Desktop:

Special requirements for Connect to Outlook

Special requirements for Intelligent Indexing as local Installation:

Quad-core processor (e.g. Intel Core i5)


Hardware Requirements 

These requirements are valid for DocuWare Services only! Any additional external application on the same machine require additional resources.

DocuWare Services

– minimum 5 GB hard disk space

– SSD recommended

– documents should be stored on a separate internal hard drive or external storage system


CPU: minimum 2 * 1,4 GHz, recommended 2* 3,2 GHz

RAM: minimum 1 GB

Hard disk:

System Requirements of database vendor must be followed


minimum 1 * 1,4 GHz, recommended 2* 3,2 GHz

RAM: minimum 1 GB, recommended 2 GB


DocuWare 6.8, all Server- and Web Components including the Internal Database on one machine (Windows Server 2012 Standard), without Fulltext

CPU: 2 x 2,0 GHz (DocuWare Services) + 2 x 1,4 GHz (Internal Database) = 4 x 2,0 GHz

RAM: 4 GB (DocuWare) + 1 GB (Internal Database) = 5 GB

CPU: 4 x 3,2 GHz (DocuWare Services) + 2 x 3,2 GHz (Internal Database) = 6 x 3,2 GHz

RAM: 8 GB (DocuWare Services + 1 GB (Internal Database) = 9 GB

DocuWare 6.8, all Server- Web Components including Microsoft SQL 2014 Standard Version on one machine (Windows Server 2012 Standard), with Fulltext

CPU: 2 x 2,0 GHz (DocuWare Services + 2 x 1,4 GHz (MSSQL 2014 Standard) + 1,4 GHz (Fulltext)= 5 x 2,0 GHz

CPU: 4 x 3,2 GHz (DocuWare Services) + 2 x 2,0 GHz (MSSQL 2014 Standard) + 2 x 3,2 GHz= 8 x 3,2 GHz

RAM: 8 GB (DocuWare Services) + 4 GB (MSSQL 2014 Standard) + 2GB (Fulltext) = 14 GB

DocuWare Desktop Apps (Scan & Import Clients)