RICOH TotalFlow DocEnhancer

Edit PDF documents easily
Does this scenario sound familiar? Just before you send PDF files to print, customers ask you to make last-minute changes or additions. They want to swap a logo or signature on a business letter. Or they tell you the wrong picture is on a direct mail piece. Or they want to add a link. Now what? Send the PDF back to the graphic designer or the customer and wait for the new file? Not anymore.
Fix, preview and print
RICOH TotalFlow DocEnhancer is an Adobe® Acrobat plug-in that lets you edit print-ready PDF files on the shop floor instead of sending them back to the graphic designer or to the customer.  The software is so simple that anyone can use it. And, you can preview and check the changes before you create a new file. Make changes like these in no time:

Set up page groups that mark the individual mailings within a single PDF file, edit the first group and apply edits across all groups

Nudge an address block so it lines up with the envelope window

Add Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) marks, barcodes or QR codes

Hide data or images

Add text or images using conditional logic, so the additions are placed only on the appropriate pages

Update signatures on notification letters

Save time, edit large files quickly
Acrobat Professional is a great tool for static, individual PDF documents. But it isn’t designed to help you edit PDFs that contain hundreds or thousands of personalized mail pieces or statements, each of which can be a different number of pages. When you need to edit large and complex PDF files quickly, use RICOH TotalFlow DocEnhancer.
Automate more tasks

In addition making last-minute PDF edits, RICOH TotalFlow DocEnhancer can help you lower cost and manage information more easily. Use the optional Postal Enablement  feature, which you can install yourself, to extract address information from fully composed documents so it can be sent to third-party software for address cleansing, address suppression and sorting.  Or, add manufacturing barcodes that can be read by insertion equipment for tracking and control, or prepare files for a separate production workflow tool.
Amaze your customers with new services
With RICOH TotalFlow DocEnhancer, you can market new capabilities, all based on extracting data from PDF files and putting it to more uses. For example, let’s say a customer accidentally deletes the mailing list of names and addresses. You can pull out the metadata from a file and provide the list. Or, make life easier for your customers in these ways:

Edit and cleanse addresses

Extract data, like recipient contact information, mailing numbers or offers made, for purposes of simple analytics or chargebacks

Personalize mailings with variable text

Enable cross-media marketing by adding QR codes

Use enhanced conditional logic to control variables in complex jobs

Use any fonts that are installed on your operating system