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IPDS Enabler for Aficio™ series

Looking for IBM® host printing capabilities for your Aficio™ device? Ricoh has the ultimate solution for mid sized and large workgroups: the cost effective IPDS Enabler for Aficio™ series realises true add-on IPDS printing. With IPDS Enabler you can print IBM® host data such as transactional documents including bank statements, invoices etc.
Once the software is installed on your Aficio™s, you can start receiving crucial printing data directly from an IBM® host. Mission critical printing for mainframe systems on Aficio™ devices is now possible. In addition, you can continue to benefit from your MFP as you have always done: for office document printing, copying, network scanning, network document storing… No need to buy a dedicated IPDS printer, simply use your Aficio™s for both IPDS, PS and PCL printing.             


Supported host systems    
zSeries (S/390)
OS/390 for MVS

zOS for MVS
PSF MVS release 2.1 or higher  ACF/VTAM version 3.1 or higher is recommended

IBM TCP/IP version 3.4 or higher

SNS/TCP access version 3.1 or higher (Interlink)
OS/390 for VM

zOS for VM

Version 2, release 2.1 or higher
OS/390 for VSE

zOS for VSE
All PSF VSE  TCP/IP Enabled 
iSeries (AS/400)
OS/400 version 3.1 (including PTFs) or higher  PSF/400 version 3.1 (including PTFs) or higher  TCP/IP Enabled 
pSeries (RS/6000)
AIX  All PSF/6000

InfoPrint Manager
TCP/IP Enabled 
OS/2  All PSF/2

InfoPrint Manager
TCP/IP Enabled 
Windows® NT/2000/XP  InfoPrint Manager  TCP/IP Enabled 
Other systems Any other system supporting IPDS through TCP/IP over Ethernet 
Supported fonts
All IPDS fonts sent from host systems and resident fonts 
Resident fonts
304  Gothic 
305  OCR A 
306  OCR B 
307  APL 
318  Prestige Bold 
319  Prestige Italic 
322  APL Bold 
400  Letter Gothic 
404  Letter Gothic Bold 
416  Courier Roman Medium 
420  Courier Roman Bold 
424  Courier Italic Medium 
428  Courier Italic Bold 
432  Prestige 
2304  Helvetica Roman Medium 
2305  Helvetica Roman Bold 
2306  Helvetica Italic Medium 
2307  Helvetica Italic Bold 
2308  Times New Roman Medium 
2309  Times New Roman Bold 
2310  Times New Roman Italic Medium 
2311  Times New Roman Italic Bold 
20224  Boldface 
IPDS printer emulation
IPDS Config. Tool minimum

system requirements
IBM® or compatible PC or laptop 
64 MB RAM 
Windows® 2000 Professional SP4 or later/Windows® XP Professional SP1 or later 
Winsock 2.0 
Internet Explorer® 5.0 or higher 
For supported Aficio models, please consult your local Ricoh supplier. 

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Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.