Boost your work style using digital collaboration tools to share information anywhere, anytime with the Ricoh D6500 Interactive Whiteboard

Traditional Boards such as Dry Erase Boards & Flip charts will soon be a thing of the past. Using these old fashioned methods means there is no option to save, email or print the content and it is time consuming to manually capture images of the pages. Additional there is no information security and no ability to share content in real time with people not physically present at the meeting.

Meetings are a crucial part of most typical business organisations yet they are often unproductive due to limits on collaboration and sharing information, With the D6500 users can add a new dimension to their meetings by collaborating ideas and sharing them seamlessly in real time whilst saving valuable time on travelling to attend meetings in person. You can have fully active ‘interactive’ meetings, presentations and brainstorming sessions with colleagues and clients, wherever they are.

With the D6500, Meetings can be hosted directly from the board and you can share documents with other remote boards securely across the globe anywhere, anytime. People working from home or another office can join in too, reducing business travel time, cost of travel and also carbon footprint. You can be presenting to 164 Participants from across the globe. Content can then be easily and quickly shared via the ‘Save’, ‘Email’ and ‘Print’ functions. To compliment the D6500, Ricoh have launched an iPad app for its Interactive Whiteboards. Unlike using a PC, which can only be used for viewing, the iPad app allows up to 10 users per board to make annotations and alterations and view, draw, erase, and switch pages of the host whiteboard. Which will then be shared in the Interactive whiteboard session.

*Starting From £199 Per Month Based on a 3 Year lease

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